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SSnPP Issue 8 cover by 47ness
Issue 8 is done!

The Ballad of Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete, my graphic novel project of the past 8 years, is DONE. Clocked in at a total of 272 pages.

I might someday return to this particular steampunk world, but it'll be in the form of shorter one-off adventures. I learned a lot of invaluable lessons about webcomics over the years I worked on this and you can bet next time around it'll be even greater! :nod:

Also, Anime Expo is this weekend!! I debuted my first SSnPP book at Artist Alley in 2009 and it's fitting I'll be debuting final issue of the series there as well. Table J-28, come on down and say hi! :judge:
Hey! Hope December is off to a good start for ya'll- even with one last month to go I'm sure you'll get those finals taken care of/projects outta the way! [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov 2: 

Some shoutouts to take care of~



Confession: I've given up searching through "steampunk" because of the sheer volume and usually just stick to "dieselpunk". ^^; RoseyRoseyMae is one of the many cool people I've found through that tag (another being Sio64 and her much beloved Crankrats series) and Rosey's new comic Decimation. I included her two main characters in my big group pic from earlier this Spring:

ALL TOGETHER NOW detail15 by 47ness Decimation Characters Sheets - Fievel by RoseyRoseyMae Decimation Characters Sheets - Degotoga by RoseyRoseyMae

She had an extra busy year taking care of studies and is officially back off hiatus. Looking forward to seeing where her story goes!



New artist who started posting on here; dunno, just really find this style charming and inspiring in technique. :)

India first time by Sa-ard Rain by Sa-ard Japan first time by Sa-ard



Also, wanted to give a plug to gustredcloude's Orange Crows Kickstarter I met him at Comikaze last year and got to check out his 100% original American manga about a world filled with witches and warlocks. :D

Orange Crows Assembled by gustredcloude

I included his protagonist Cierra Pensblood in my group pic as well:

ALL TOGETHER NOW detail14 by 47ness

Unfortunately only the first two volumes of his ongoing story are in print and the story is stuck on a huge cliffhanger! :crying: Help fund a fellow original creator if you can!! [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: 


47ness on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
@SallySprocketPistonPete on Instagram, Facebook
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8-8-16 by 47ness

August 8th, 2006. 4:00 PM

This was the date and moment I was nearly killed in a devastating car crash. Not to pour over the details- as I have already many times in the past- I can simply say that had things gone a little differently I might not be here today.

This entry is more a quiet reflection on where I've been and what's in store for the future. While the accident certainly could have had a greater influence on my life, I've preferred instead to allow the work I do, the wonderful and interesting people I've met (including many of you!), and the positive changes I've affected since then be what defines me.

Here's to those 10 years, and what lies ahead. :)

:icondarn-tootin: Summer events wrapped up. Here's the current lineup for the Fall:

2016 Con Schedule by 47ness

Hoping to keep debuting lots of new stuff at each venue including the eighth issue* of the comic, more updates on the animated series,

And oh yeah TOYS!!

SSnPP - now in toy form! by 47ness

Ssnpp Wall by 47ness

This will be a limited run (we're hoping to sell in local comic book stores + a dedicated online store later this year). So when they're gone, they're gone 'yo. :crying:

Online store is close to going live! (will be linked to
a.k.a. "Alejandro hates Adobe Illustrator and it should've be renamed Adobe Point-&-Click years ago" :icontableflipplz:

But just so you know, with Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con coming up soon, I'm almost ready to debut my first line of Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete TOYS...! The Illustrator/vector work is for the packaging display that I'm designing myself.

(It's not really a surprise if you've been to any of my shows in the past year; I usually have the prototypes sitting on my table XD) still I haven't had time to post preview photos of the progress a la those fancy-schmancy Japanese vendors who go into Comiket with a crapton of hype from just a handful of teasers.

Anyway, more to come soon!!
ALL TOGETHER NOW teaser02 by 47ness

but almost =/= finished (ノ´д`)*

Hoping to get it done and posted as early as late tonight (unless something drastic gets in the way). Gonna go check out WonderCon Los Angeles tomorrow (as a non-exhibitor, alas ^^; ) for a day of just browsing the exhibitor aisles and hitting up a lot of friends/acquaintances/comic creators I admire. :)

Okay, no more blater, back to work!! :ohnoes:
Quick updates:

:bulletyellow: Looks like WonderCon Los Angeles is a no-go this year. :\ It's for the best since I'm mostly gearing up for summer. I might still mosey on down to WC if I have time.

:bulletyellow: Speaking of! Symbiote Studios is going to be working with me regarding a certain project. Should be ready by Anime Expo... ;)

:bulletyellow: Yeah, still working on that big-arse drawing ^^; It's... taken a while (had paid work + having to move recently), but it'll get done this month! (sorry, no livestreaming it, because I don't want to ruin the surprise~) ,^, Also trying to learn AfterEffects, though I'll still be looking for more dedicated animators to help me on the cartoon.

EDIT: does anyone know a good resource for public domain music downloads? looking for some epic blurb music, like 30 seconds worth.

I know, I still owe a handful of people some critiques; haven't forgotten about 'cha...! :P
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Hi, just wanted to pop in and say I've been nonstop busy for the past month. The comic pages will be back shortly after.

Sorry to say I won't be posting any sneak previews. :( It kills me because, being original content creators on the Web, it's kind of our JOB to keep hyping ourselves up- keeping up those daily tweets and instagram posts, hoho. But given the nature of the piece, I don't think it'd be fair on an individual to individual basis.

The *current* 2016 convention schedule is back up on the main page. :dummy: First show should be WonderCon in Los Angeles on Easter weekend (still on that there wait list, doggone it) Hope to see you there! Should have Issue 8 of SSnPP done and over with! Speaking of, I finally got my claws on the ssnpp handle over on tumblr (the original owner hadn't used it in ages and it got freed up, whoo!) I'll probably use it to host the comic initially and then make it a regular updating blog for the animation project (yep, that's still moving along!) :)

In other news, my dad had a bit of a health worry last night and checked himself into the ER. The doctor says it's just vertigo (brought on by intense car lights). Also helping the family move across town, otherwise shouldn't be expecting any other major delays in art production.

Back to work then!!
Darn Tootin' - GOIN APE by 47ness Roadtripping with :iconrocky-o: up to lovely San Jose for the Alternative Press Expo.

I made a last-minute push to put out a sample comic that I can give away to librarians and retailers; definitely want the chance to put more physical copies of the comic on indie shelves besides the ones in my local area. :)

That said, I'll be right back to work on my next page so that'll be the last new thing I upload before heading off.

(also working on a little side project involving animation, hoping to showcase that at APE as well.....)


Bullet; Red Long Beach Comic Expo (Feb. 28th & Mar. 1st) Long Beach, CA completed!
Bullet; Red WonderCon (Apr. 3rd - 5th) Anaheim, CA completed!
Bullet; Red Free Comic-Con Day (May 2nd) Manhattan Beach, CA completed!
Bullet; Red Anime Expo (Jul 2nd - 5th) Los Angeles, CA completed!
Bullet; Red Comic Con (Jul 8th - 12th) San Diego, CA completed!
Bullet; Red Long Beach Comic Con (Sept. 12-13th) Long Beach, CA completed!
Bullet; Red Gaslight Gathering (Sept. 18-20th) San Diego, CA completed!
Bullet; Green Alternative Press Expo (Oct. 3rd-4th) San Jose, CA THIS WEEKEND!!!
Bullet; Green Comikaze Expo (Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st) Los Angeles, CA
Bullet; Green CTN Expo (Nov. 20th-22nd) Burbank, CA


p.s. I'll try my best before the year is out to catch up on everybody's comics- those of you working on one! :ohnoes:


1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
12 years, 8 months. :O

2. What does your username mean?
47 is the running gag number in Star Trek and "-ness" was from my forum days with shinneth (of course I find it extra-handy since my username frequently appears at the top of lists!)

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Happy, depressed, mixed. ;P

4. Are you left or right handed?
Owner of an aching right hand & wrist

5. What was your first deviation?
Onpu Muyo by 47ness Ojamajo Doremi hyyyype~

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?
You'd think I would say my favorite is comics, but not really; I have a love-hate relationship with my style of comics at the moment. :XD:;

Honestly, my two favorite moments in any artist process is the beginning and the ending, when I'm at my happiest.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I keep saying I want to be a better digital painter and do that intense, messy, dynamic style that is often associated with Craig Mullens + others, but I've just been too lazy/stubborn to learn or adapt new brush techniques. >>

8. What was your first favorite?
Space Babies by the-lone-voice I'm gonna LIE and pick my fourth favorite; it feels the most like it should be my first.

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
I tend to favorite stuff that goes unnoticed. I just do. Sure I'm always looking to favorite stuff that moves me but, personally, I want my fav'ing to feel like it matters to the other artist.

10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
Humm. I mean I respect the Big Name™ Artists on this site (usually, but not always, the ones with the medal icon) since they're super-active members of the community and spend a lot of their time uplifting/inspiring others, but I can't call them my favorites.

(See #11 for deviants whose work and company I've particularly enjoyed over the years) of course to :iconrocky-o: :iconsweet-suzume: for putting up with me and all the running around town for the sake of promoting art. XD

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Gotta list the ones I want to meet!

:iconretromissile: :iconsio64: :iconshadow2k: :iconbluendmikki:  :iconvermin-star: :iconelleoser: :iconwoohooligan: :iconjameson9101322: :iconrhavencroft: :iconreganov: :iconkatmilo: :iconrobo-shark: :iconmrvelocity: (o-okay I need to cut it off here.. '-'; )

Honorably mention to :iconjesncin: who I will be meeting this fall! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Hmm, not sure~ I often say my art instructors impacted my life, so it's hard to equate deviants quite on that level...

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I love me some smooth Bristol board + mechanical pencil and pen (various brands). Everything else is just Photoshop CS5 (w/ my ol' Intuos4). I really want to try out Toon Boom, and turn SSnPP into a 2-D animation...!

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
If there were an exceptionally inspirational place for me to work, I haven't found it yet...!! I feel like my most inspired state is when I'm in a deep sleep, dreaming.

But the most efficient time for me to work is at dead hours of the night, when there's few distractions and a sense of timelessness (as you can't see the sunlight passing in the sky).

15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
...Vermin-Star reminded me of Mudkip icon ... :XD:

I liked creating my own memory with this A NIGHT AT THE CARNELIAN'S by 47ness Being able to reflect on all the amazing people that express themselves so vividly here! I kinda want to do something like this again?? ahaha


It was nice to think back on a lot of this stuff (this also marks the 9-year anniversary where I very nearly died in a car crash; 8/8/06) so being able to think about all the good times that have come since helps give me a sense of perspective. :)
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47ness: Sequestered by 47ness
Been pretty busy with studio work; no new SSnPP for the next couple days. :\

In the meantime, check out these various (mostly underrated) artists on dA. :) This is just a random assortment of work I came across over the last 2-3 years I thought really stood out, but for whatever reason has gone largely unnoticed.


Layers II by aethercreates Couleurs (Final) by aethercreates Above the Sky by aethercreates
Pure and unapologetic coloring / patterning; the mark of a dedicated artist not looking to be popular. ☺


Untitled by supervideogameland Untitled by supervideogameland Untitled by supervideogameland
Amazing physical painting recreations of all your favorite classic video game moments!


<da:thumb id="528628407"/> <da:thumb id="516375155"/> <da:thumb id="536761028"/>
Eerie, lovingly inked/toned pieces by this person.


Kristianshavn-copenhagen-denmark by arveyyudi Landscape45 by arveyyudi Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore - Florence(Italy by arveyyudi
Very unique & gorgeous; like an urban punk-Mary Blair style.


Stray Sod Issue #1 For Sale Now! by tinkerbelcky Stray Sod, Chapter 1: Page 25 by tinkerbelcky Stray Sod, Chapter 2: Page 22 by tinkerbelcky
An original comic with a lot of flair.


RetroBlade Page 07 by Vermin-Star RetroBlade Page 08 by Vermin-Star RetroBlade Page 09 by Vermin-Star
Speaking of cool original comics, check out RetroBlade! Just launched recently! :aww:


serenity by lahteh stars by lahteh so immature by lahteh
The way this person draws dudes! The possibilities just seem endless.


HaindPaintedHouse MainShot by MadGunslinger Low Poly Cowboy, to be rigged by MadGunslinger Scorched Earth Renekton by MadGunslinger
Fun models with a lot of character to 'em~


skyforge by anteater-and  Wolf by anteater-and Kenta by anteater-and
Lovely (and largely overlooked!) character illustrations.


Fire Flower Light by ActionHankBeard Sir Mouser by ActionHankBeard Wendy O by ActionHankBeard
Rather amusing, highly rendered Noir-ish paintings (+ some older work in color)


Bad wolf by whiteoxygen City traffic by whiteoxygen Fart Difuser by whiteoxygen
Crafty conceptual artist who could use another looksee at!


Candy Pack Design Detail by yihzi Licky and Xiang by yihzi Chocolatte by yihzi
Kind of a cute style (probably not as active anymore but glad they shared)


Crabs and Penguins Level 5 by bladesfire Hemlock by bladesfire Eser by bladesfire Crabs and Penguins Level 6 by bladesfire
I especially like their video game level designs, but they do some other neat paintings as well.

:star: :star: :star:

That's enough plugs for now, will be back with my comic as soon as possible!
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  • Reading: RetroBlade by Vermin-Star
Yeah, the comic is coming along slowly. >u>; After wrapping up Chapter 11 I had to go all out with Long Beach Comic Expo and then WonderCon Anaheim. :dummy:

Thanks again to :icontuiteyfruity: :iconjohnercek: :iconsakuyasworld: :icondinmoney: :iconpechan: :iconartofjeprox: :icong-falcondx: :iconpochi-mochi: :icongerimib: :iconpaigehwarren: :iconhale-art: :iconismarus: & various other splendi-folk for visiting/catching up. :)

Oh yeah the Sally fans were a real hit (especially among the kids!). If you didn't get one yet, don't worry; I'm ordering another 1,000 as we speak. :iconsaywhatnodplz:

And of course the most thanks goes to :iconrocky-o: for always being an w'awesome con partner (and selling out of her Heroes & Bandits books! looking forward to the new edition come San Diego Comic-Con!!)

Anyway, as far as right this moment goes, I'm in the middle of a major freelance gig. Top secret stuff. If I told you what it was I'd have to kill you. Each and every one. :aww:

It should wrap up sometime this week and you bet your bees I'll be updating SSnPP proper again! My next event is on Free Comic Book Day official website to find events near you...! at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California. I'll be doing free sketches in the Artist Alley from 12 to 3pm!

EDIT: I got food poisoning overnight, WHOOPS. .____.

EDIT 2: it was a very unpleasant 48 hours, but getting back to work now...! thanks for all the support :aww:
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Group Promo by 47ness

Dassright,:iconrocky-o:and I were selected by a jury for Small Press at San Diego Comic-Con!! We submitted our samples back in October and about a week ago the acceptance letter arrived in the mail. :ohnoes:

So. Yeah.

TONS to prepare for- both getting the graphic novel done with + getting to work on the animated series with :iconmrvelocity: and the rest of the Fanbuilt team. That said, new pages of the comic begin posting next week. Screw New Years celebrations, gonna be working!! :dummy:
H-holy crap this is good. @^@;;; Like this is so many of the things I've always wanted to see get made into an animated show or movie (but doesn't because major studios have no interest in it)


I pledged my lot. Please consider chipping in or at least please help spread the world...! The Kickstarter is going to overlap with Thanksgiving and Black Friday so the sooner the word gets out about this the better its chances!! :dummy:

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Heeeeyyy, so it's my birthday but I'm still busy at Comikaze, which starts later today at 9am.

It's about 6am right now and I thought I'd throw more of precious morning into getting the next page of SSnPP done in time for Tootin' Tuesday.

I'll probably be off for Monday catching up on work ~ take care allllll. ♪

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
(I'm keeping this super-short. Sorry.. XD; )

I switched from Side7 to dA at the very beginning of 2003 and never left this place. <3

Over the past 11 years I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, learned a boatload of important skills (both in terms of art and socializing), graduated in 2009 and have lived as a freelance artist in and around Hollywood, mostly doing storyboards for TV ads and movie trailers.

I also caught the steampunk bug pretty hard. :XD:

Burdlesque by 47ness  Meeting The Alchemist by 47ness Mr. Lunger's Splendiferous Stovepipe by 47ness

When I'm drawing for myself, I used to draw almost purely fanart, but now I really just want to focus on original characters and stories; SSnPP being just the vanguard of hopefully many comics I'll be producing! :dummy:

Some of my favorite experiences unique to dA have definitely been the live, in-person events where we can interact with the Admin + artists, and actually see in real-time all the ways they're evolving the site. Even getting hired for online art gigs through my dA gallery was something I hadn't expected, but this site does bring in all kinds of people apparently!

And, of course, just the more casual joy of following various artists and being able to interact with them. Feels like we're all under one big roof. :)

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Clockwork Wars Kickstarter just went live! I'm not at liberty to post them just yet but the game includes x5 fully colored illustrations by yours truly. :iconhandsomeonionplz:

Please consider contributing and definitely spread the word to all your steampunk and tabletop friends! :dummy:
  • Reading: Grave Impressions by NymAulth
  • Playing: Suikoden III
Haha, I just noticed it's coming up.

I kinda doubt anyone who reads my journal will actually get it (unless you're on the opposite side of the world), but shoot me a message if you get it. I can give you a nice b/w drawing of whatever you want. ^^

EDIT: Claimed by EnmismAnima
123,456th gift sketch by 47ness

Thanks for the cool suggestion~! (I enjoyed taking a brief break from my usual workload.)
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Thank you to :iconrocky-o: :iconserikaarenai: :iconheimdall-chan: :iconpechan: :icondinmoney: :iconsakuyasworld: :iconjustzaz: :iconalbinogrimby: :icondklproductions: :iconnymaulth: Kim, and :iconmrvelocity:'s pal Joseph for visiting the Darn Tootin' table this weekend!

Thank you especially to :iconsweet-suzume: for helping me out. Great to see :iconroyleingod: :iconr-lowen: :iconcocakura: and :iconartofjeprox: again. Additional thanks to NymAulth for the lovely Sally fanart!!

If I forgot anyone, lemme know...! D:

And thanks again for everyone's support for making this a record-breaking year; my fifth year in a row selling at AX. :,)

You mighta seen me at my table working on my next page of SSnPP; I can assure you it's on its way! To all you newcomers, if you're not a big fan of following dA, my comic is available to view on SmackJeeves as well. :nod:

Coming up in the fall I have my final three conventions: Long Beach Comic Con (Sept. 27th & 28th), Comikaze (Oct. 31st-Nov. 2nd), and CTN Expo (Nov. 21st-23rd). The last two I'm definitely aiming to have the completed SSnPP Master Volume (no.1) ready to go. :)

Till then, keep on keepin' on~
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Whoa, May's over already? XD Just one day before Long Beach Comic Expo Find me at Table 4004!
And then in one month's time is Anime Expo (currently located in G row this year? Will get the official table assignment next week.)

By the way, in case you might've missed it, here's my recent podcast interview
SSnPP on the air! by 47ness

FYI, the good gentleman being interviewed alongside me is :iconmrvelocity: who's not only going to be the voice of Pete but has done yeoman's work helping me bring SSnPP: The Animated Series together. :D Additional nod to the talent at Fanbuilt for all their efforts.
Currently, we're writing out a number of episode scripts, including an episode one (aka the "origin story") as well as a 22-minute pilot. It's been super fun figuring all this out, since it gives me a chance to revisit some of the earlier stages of the story and world but BIGGER AND BADDER.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter ssnpp_TAS for all the latest updates...! :dummy:

Btw, I'm 47ness on Twitter and 47ness on tumblah. I also have a YouTube channel, but I'm not sure what to put on there (YET). XD;
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