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My big and hearty THANK YOU to all the wonderful people I've gotten to know and follow over the past 10 years (+ this year) on DeviantArt. ^^

(don't forget to FULL-VIEW it!)

BOTTOM ROW (left to right):
• Kiwi from Wraithbound by :iconasiasisia:
• Master Cherry from A Steambot's Tale (cancelled) by :iconchildofpuck: and :iconhiliminarious:
• Sally & Pete from SSnPP by :icon47ness: :>
• Kas from Six Gates by :iconyiuokami:
• Saranye from Isolated by :iconshadow2k:
• Madison from Lunar Cry by :iconpechan:
• Belindraw as herself, :iconbelindraw:
• Rafe & Alex from Mechanima by :iconrobo-shark:
• Miss Diamond Dust & The Ace of Hearts by :iconsweet-suzume:
• Eki from Troll Tooth by :icontrolltooth:
• Miss Yuki from unamed sketch manga by :iconinisipis:
• Swagata from 24-hour comic project by :iconbluendmikki:
• Jack, Maddy, and Joey from Crankrats by :iconsio64:

SECOND ROW UP (left to right):
• Cat (the Cat) by :iconfrostbackcat:
• Penelope & Genji from Samurai Genji by :icondinmoney:
• Francis by :iconsakuyasworld:
• Curene by :iconserikaarenai:
• Finality by :iconurby:
• Nash from Children of Nowhere by :iconrhavencroft:
• Oliver from Skyreader by :iconnoirrac:
• Camillo from Ampere by :iconretromissile:
• Rambling Rose & The Bitter Rodeo (aka Rahki, Krissy, and Cavelier) from Heroes & Bandits by :iconrocky-o:
• Lucile & Lola (they're living guitars) by :iconkoui:
• Kamiko from This Mortal Coil by :iconalbinogrimby:
• Crocket from Hierofania by :iconludeshka:
• Harriet by :iconpaigehwarren:
• Rhaziel from Tales of a Bounty Hunter by :iconreganov:
• River & Moira from :Epoch Files by :iconshenli: & :icongrimmoira:

THIRD ROW UP (left to right):
• Janette & Reed by :iconsuki-kitty:
• Arthur & Stradivari from Death of a Cantor by :icongreyfinch:
• Vidu & Skittlez from by :iconblix-it:
• Black-Eye Jim & Kasia by :iconjesncin:
• Shiori from Shiori Series by :iconwbd:
• Charlie & Mr. Mania from What about Shadows by :iconjamfisher:
• Lillian & Jill from Spybeat Extra by :iconalistori:
• Val (elemental mode)* from Out of My Element by :iconlacuna-purify:
• Ruvi, Ari, & Tohes from A Totally Uncheesy Fairytale by :iconlithrel:
• Youhu by :iconqiisnii:
• Az the Manticore by :iconweavrrcat:
• The Empty Suit from Thunderforce by :icongpapanto:
• Peter from Threadcaster by :iconjameson9101322:
• Pinup by :iconjustzazie:
• Swingline-tan by :iconbagshotrow:
• Shen by :icontwo-for-flinching:
• Unix-tan from Linux-tan Comic by :iconbellacielo:
• Kaine by :iconamairim:
• Jealousy by :iconbilliew:
• Arie by :iconsilvy-harpy:

UPPER SECTION (left to right):
• Renko & Maribel (kind of)** from Shatter by :iconbanzatou:
• Jethro & Monty from Jethro+Monty by :iconwraith11:
• Spektre by :iconarvalis:
• Sol by :iconviralsanctity:
• Adagio by :iconsweet-suzume:
• Tina & Micah from Gumamela by :icondklproductions:
• Weegii from Rebel Paws by :iconinkbottleinc:
• Edna & Leonard by :iconizmoroz:
• Cris & Ian from Angel Dust by :iconlaitma:

UPPERMOST (left to right):
• The T-Rex (we have a T-Rex!) from Dead Dinosaurio by :iconjavierhernandez:
• D Droid by :icondrawkill:
• Allegro by :iconcity-of-zeroes:
• Kara from Thirdborn by :icondalubnie:
• Kristi from Techgal by :icontimartstudio:
• Jet Dancer by :icondualmask:

Other people who deserve thanks and recognition (in no particular order):
:iconmrvelocity: :iconherogear: :iconmerkatch: :iconzii: :iconshinneth: :iconnerdcore: :iconkeight: :iconwoohooligan: :iconhungrysohma16: :iconroget: :iconswallowcut: :iconr-lowen: :iconjohnercek: :iconhessiand: :iconcocakura:(and probably another 50 people I'm blanking out on) ^^;

Thanks again all. :heart:
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ze-tta Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aha, I only just noticed this X v X ;; I guess that shows how often I check dA nowadays... >w>;;;

I think I remember you asking me about some OC or whatever like, many months (years?) ago. I had NO idea she was going to be included on something as massive as this! Aghh this really made my day ;w; You're always drawing amazing stuff like this... and Youhu looks so badass in your style! Seriously, thanks for including her V w V

Oh, oh, btw, btw, YOU'RE GOING TO SAKURACON THIS YEAR?? ME TOO. 8DDDDD I'll probably post a journal entry about it in the next day or so. So excited to get to see you again 8D
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
HEY JUNE. :wave:
S'okay~ I remember you said you have issues with this site (meanwhile I'm almost never check FB; I just do the post-update-and-run thing there) ŠP

Yep! This was what I had been planning! :D I had fun drawing Youhu. glad you finally saw~w

YEAH HEADING TO SEATTLE ON THURSDAY. Didn't have the funds last year but this time I'm going all out with merchandise! I'll be waaay in the back corner (the side facing the rest of the exhibit hall). I'll be cosplaying Persona 2 with some of the others on Friday (dunno if we'll be attending the Dark Hour gathering, but we often just wing it...)
ze-tta Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahaha, omg, I checked the map for the AA and I'm going to be tabling at the opposite corner of the same block (table 609)! SO CLOSE OMG WE GET TO HANG OUT ALL CON NOW.

I guess I should have clarified earlier that I'm also tabling this year! I got waitlisted (stoopid captcha got to me), but didn't get the notice that I was in until three weeks ago. Which is part of the reason why I'm so unprepared for AA right now xD (Gonna hurry and get two more prints done by Wednesday--!) But I feel fortunate enough that I managed to actually get in, especially since I missed the application date last year, for some reason. Are you tabling with anyone this year?

Oh whoa, Persona 2 o-o Still haven't played that one yet, which makes me sad because I won't recognize youuu >_< I believe Yukiko168 is going as FeMC again this year; it's kinda become her thing x3 I'll be cosplaying at least one of the days, and going as Rikka from Chuunibyou (same as when I was at AX).
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
WHOO...! It seems like a lot of people I know are going to be in that 600 block actually. :meow:

The table is actually Julia's but she let me buy it off her (since we both tried to do that silly 8:00pm application thing in November) so long as I help her sell off a few items. Wah, just be super careful with those prints and don't rush anything, okay??

Haha,… <--this guy! XD
You should play P2 in its entirety (just be prepared for the feels). Haha, well everyone loves FeMC. She'll be easy to spot too. Cool ~ I'll be doing a better version of Mary from Tales of Destiny (you caught me on the day when the cosplay was still being tested out, lolz)
ze-tta Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I second you on that. Not sure if I know the exact same artists you do, but I know at least like three artists who are also in that 500-600 block, for some reason. So yeah! It's gonna be a fun weekend hopefully, even if I'm not that prepared.

btw... do you know how much exposure artists generally get in the area at the very back of the artists alley...? I mean... there is a food place right there, but idk...

OGOD that Baofu dude looks really super creepy orz
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm trying to get more prepared; I just came back from buying a bunch of energy bars. XD; I was hoping to eat at least 2 actual meals a day, but just anticipating some moments where I can't leave the table but get super hungry. 6v6;

That's a good question ~ I remember when I did AX 2009 I was stuck in the back row facing the cafeteria and people who came by to eat didn't really come to shop. But then LA isn't as full of nice, awesome people like Seattle. X,D I find it's less about exposure and how willing attendees are willing to walk all the way around the block twice (they usually walk around once to see what's on sale and then come back later to buy).

NAW BAOFU IS WAY COOL. He pretty much joins your party right away in the second P2 game and has funny rivalries with some of the others.
ze-tta Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeppp, gotta stock up on those energy bars/drinks/gum/whatever-the-heck-they-make-nowadays xD I never seem to get a chance to get good food when I'm at cons, even when I don't end up in the AA... @_____@;;;;;

Hmm... interesting! We'll see how it goes then. But honestly, I'll be happy if I just end up having a fun time there, which I think is quite possible since I know a good number of artists tabling next to me~

Haha, I'll take your word on it, then! xD Gonna add P2 to my backlog of video games to try now~
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I think the BIG thing now is 5-Hour Energy Drink. It ~kinda~ tastes like apple cider but with a vaguely medicinal taste to it. D: It's pretty effective if you're sleepy, but I'd rather not let myself get dependent on it..
I'm ~trying~ to maintain a healthy diet. My body would probably punish me in the long run if I did another convention season's worth of preservation mode. XD

Sure~! We could spot for one another's table if we wanted to run around the hall for a bit...

Haha. TOO MANY NEW ONES COMING OUT. It's easy to forget the classics.
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Lithrel Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*very late comment is late*

SNAP that's a whole lot of characters! That must have taken a really long time to plan. It's extremely impressive!

Also, I'm flattered I got included <:
Thank you for including my characters! They look like they're having a lot of fun! (I do need to get around to finish drawing this other comic I started of them.)
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It's okay~ actually, there's still about eight other people who need to see this, but I have a feeling they've all quit dA.

It took about a solid month of work (but then I had been putting it off for a whole year)

Sure thing! I really liked their previous (mis)adventure. XD I'd love to see more of 'em.
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